Project history

The publication of the 12th volume of the National Atlas of Germany in 2007 concluded a project in which more than 600 scientists in various disciplines took part. Over 10 years, more than 2000 printed pages, 800 maps and countless graphics were published – on paper and on CD-ROM.

Over the last few years some spin-off products followed the National Atlas of Germany, deploying the same principles of publication in combining maps, graphics and interpretive texts. In 2010 „“ was launched as a web portal and scientific blog on atlases and atlas-cartography, additionally serving as a virtual container for a number of online publications:

  • „Germany in Maps“, a compressed multilingual interactive online atlas of Germany with regular statistical updates and thematic upgrades,
  • „nationalatlas aktuell“, a geographical online magazine, which updates and extends the articles of the original atlas, publishing newsworthy topics as scalable maps, graphics and texts,
  • miscellaneous applications (with interactive map content and/or animations) mainly designed for exhibitions and as museum displays.

These publications mainly cover the depiction of data related to Germany – but what about Europe?